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Jun. 23rd, 2005

I just re-found and old American Civil War picture in a book.

It's a picture I have seen many times as a young child, while learning about the war.

You may know it.

It's a group of Confederate soldiers all pumped up for battle.

When you look at this picture, one particular individual always sticks out or pops up.

Just because of the composition of the photograph.

This individual is standing straight, with a bayonetted gun at his side.

He has a moustache and a little strip of a beard down the middle.

It's no doubt that you've seen this picture.

It's fairly popular.

Well, tonight...when I flipped past it, I didn't notice that man.

I noticed the man to his right...which I had never done before.

I glanced at him once and in my head I thought of my brother's friend Aaron.

NOW...a little backstory...

Aaron hangs out with my brother's best friend, Craig.

I've known the two of them for a few years now.

They visit me at the store I work at often.

Now...Okay so...

I see Aaron often enough to know what he looks like on sight.

But he hasn't a face that's easy for me to mentally reconstruct.

But, I kept thinking...This guy looks like Aaron.

I started to think that I was MAKING myself think that Aaron looks that way.

UNTIL....oh jeez!!!! Until I moved my eyes down to the man just below this "Aaron" man.

A man kneeling just in front of him.


There is no debating it. No questioning it. No skepticizing it (if that is even a word).

This Civil War photo has both Craig and Aaron in it.

I shit you not.


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Jun. 24th, 2005 03:35 am (UTC)
All night, I thought I was crazy about that Civil War picture.

It was bugging me so much I could hardly sleep.

Today, after I was done teaching, I stopped by the package store.

I showed the picture to Jeff.

I asked him, "Is there anyone that looks familiar to you in this picture?"

He scanned it, confused.

"How about this guy? Does he look like Aaron? I can't really picture Aaron's face."

"Ho-hooooo shit. Yeah. That looks JUST like Aaron. Weird!"

"Yeah, well...if you think THAT's weird take a look at the dude just below him."

*Jeff looks*

*Jeff is silent*

"That's...just fucking weird."

"I know!!!"

"Holy shit...look! *Jeff points* That's that other dude that those two run with."

He was right.

The man in the picture next to the two of "them" was definately that guy (but we didn't know his name).

Later on that day, Craig and Aaron came into the store.

Aaron and Jeff went in the back room to grab some beer.

I showed the picture to Craig.

"Who's that look like to you?" *I pointed to the Aaron guy*

"OH WOW! Shit...that looks like Aaron. That's fucking creepy."

"Yeah? THAT'S CREEPY!?!?! Look at the guy below him."

Craig looks down...


Aaron looks on and freaks as well.

So then I go, "Wanna take it one step up? Check out this guy."

I pointed to the guy that looked like the friend.

In unison, they both shout, "ANDY! Holy shit. That's Andy."

...SO! I'm NOT crazy about this.

And now I'm just a little scared.

Like Jeff said...One would be a coincidence, two made it kindof weird, but three is definately something spooky.

I agree.
Oct. 8th, 2006 09:00 pm (UTC)
The Ghost Of Kent East Hill
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I have decided to revisit the happenings at the big house on Kent East Hill to share with others the supernatural coming and going-on.
Sometimes there’s a bump or a shaking in the night and there is no natural explanation but we do live in a multi dimensional universe.
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