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I'd like to go under hypnosis to make sense of some things.

Unexplained injuries (scratches, scars, marks), lost time, and very much supressed memories, waking up without clothes on numerous times, strange lights, sleep tremors, sleepwalking and waking in odd places, personality changes, feelings of despair/confusion/lost, and other strange memories that make no sense.

Why some nights I'd wake up feeling like I never slept. And when I pulled the covers aside, mud...sticks...leaves.

And more stuff...

My brother's got them too. He's terrified. It's often difficult to discuss with him.

Most recently was that night he busted into the house at 4 a.m. (He lived in the garage attic) fully clothed, but in random weird stuff. Like a bomber jacket and no shirt. And slacks. And boots with no socks. He was holding tight to one sock and wouldn't let go.

He was speaking gibberish, shaking, freaking out. His eyes wouldn't even focus on me. I was standing right in front of him, but he was looking past me.

The first distinguishable words out of his mouth were, "They tried to get me. I was holding onto my bed like this" [he shows me with a shaking bicep curl].

He told me that "they" were at his window and he wouldn't let them take him.

My sister, when she was little, used to say strange things that make me wonder now. When she was very young, she talked about the man who would visit her in her room. And that she was scared so he did a dance to make her feel better. She called him the "funny man."

One of my mother's pregnancies...disappeared. I mentioned before her miscarriages and still births. Well one pregnancy, I just recently learned just...yeah...it disappeared. One week she was looking at ultrasound pictures. The next week she had a uterus filled with random tissues, and blood. She said the doctor said she "must have never been pregnant in the first place."

I thought that was BEYOND strange. Then why the ultrasound and the assurance that she was? He later said, "I suppose maybe, Taxoplasmosis."

When I was about 14 or so, I remember having a friend sleep over the house. My father, woke screaming and crying. He ran out to the deck, shouting at the sky, "You promised you wouldn't take my boy. You said it. You promised. And you took him."

He was talking about my brother was was about 7 at the time.

My mother rushed outside to calm him. He was screaming so loud. My mom told my friend and I that my dad was sleepwalking.

But when we went to my brother's room he wasn't there. My mom started to freak out. We were all freaking out. But, my father kept cursing the sky, like he was blaming someone specific.

After a few minutes, my brother wandered out of my sister's room. He said, "I woke up under Courtnae's bed, Mom."

We asked him why he was in there. He said, "because he didn't want to go."

We assumed he meant, "to bed."

Now, I have to wonder.

I recently read Communion by Whitley Strieber...and there are so many occuring themes and documented situations that are similar to my own have got me wondering.

I have one really VIVID memory, that I will share at this time.

It's stuck with me for a long time.

I was a senior in highschool, living in East Hampton, CT. I remember going to sleep, but was having trouble getting there. My bed was in a place I'd never had it before. I was tossing and turning, laying there awake in my dark room. My room was street side, so when cars went by UP the street, the beams would crawl first up my side window, then past the front two. Two cars went by. Then another beam entered my side window...and got thicker, but didn't move onto my front two windows. The beam of light was almost fuzzy it was so bright. My wall started to look almost like gauze, but still all bright and fuzzy. In my head I thought, "NO! I DON'T WANT TO GO!" And I shut my eyes TIGHT. Super tight. I could hear like a buzzing that was fading in and out, almost like a warped record "waaaa-oowwwmmp, waaaa-oowwwmp" and then ticking. It sounded like a clock, an old fashioned alarm clock ticking away. I kept my eyes shut tight and kept thinking over and over in my head, "If I don't open my eyes, they can't get me. If I don't see them, they can't get me." Behind my eyelids was the same bright yellowish hazy light, even though I had them shut tight. You'd assume if a bright light was shining and your lids were down, you'd see the red of it through your skin...NO....I didn't. And passing over me and to my right and left, breaking up the light was what felt like people rushing around my bed. I felt paralyzed. I felt like my body, arms, legs, head, throat, paralyzed. I felt like if I tried to make a sound, nothing would come out. But I STILL kept thinking..."Chaelyn, keep your eyes shut. If you don't see them, they can't get you." I felt touching on my arms, from my hands to my shoulders. It was like pressure, that didn't hurt...but I knew it was heavy. I felt the same pressure on my forehead. I felt like when you are at the dentist anticipating the drill...and you kindof wiggle your feet in fear, but the novacaine keeps it from hurting. The ticking got louder. The masses breaking up the light kept circling all around me. It felt like it was an hour or more. I started to scream. But no noise was coming out. It was like...it was muffled...or my voice was pushed back inside so deep that it had farther to travel and came out like I was in a cave. Then finally, out of nowhere, the ticking stopped. My eyes were still tightly shut...and I screamed for my mother. Not just Mom, Mom...but Mooooooooooom, like a horror movie actress. Full of shrill. She ran in, busted my door open, and told me that SHE was the one who woke me up from a nightmare. I was completely naked and all my covers were on the floor.

I don't talk about that one often. I've never had such a feeling of helplessness, or lack of control.

Anyone with anything similar? And if you are a skeptic...please don't think I'm fucked up! This was so real and frightening to me.


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Jun. 16th, 2005 11:11 am (UTC)
Response to Your Post
You should definetly try going under hypnosis. Where are you guys from? Have you met other people who lived close by that experienced anything comparable?
Jun. 16th, 2005 12:19 pm (UTC)
Re: Response to Your Post
At the time of the vivid memory I have, we lived in East Hampton, CT. But, we've (at least my brother and I) had things happen to us in our other house in Higganum, CT. And now him in Florida and me at my own place.

It's weird. Aside from my father's night freaking out like that. And in spite of my mother's lost prenancy...they still always make us thing we are crazy for any of that kindof stuff.

I think back to the book Communion and how the wife's role was similar, to discredit his situations to things that "make sense."

I don't know. I think hypnosis will make sense.
Jun. 20th, 2005 11:18 am (UTC)
I seem to read a lot that people who hear the ticking sounds link them to the mantis-looking creatures.
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